Installing and Running MasterExam

Installing and Running MasterExam

If your computer’s CD-ROM drive is configured to auto-run, the CD will automatically start up when you insert it. From the opening screen, you can install MasterExam by clicking the MasterExam or MasterSim buttons. This begins the installation process and creates a program group named LearnKey. To run MasterExam, select Start | Programs | LearnKey. If the auto-run feature does not launch your CD, browse to the CD and double-click the RunInstall icon.


MasterExam simulates the actual exam. The number of questions, the type of questions, and the time allowed are intended to represent the exam environment. You have the option to take an open-book exam that includes hints, references, and answers; a closed-book exam; or the timed MasterExam simulation.

When you launch the MasterExam simulation, a digital clock appears in the top center of your screen. The clock counts down to zero unless you end the exam before the time expires.

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