Chapter 22: Managing and Maintaining the PIX Firewall

Chapter 22: Managing and Maintaining the PIX Firewall


In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Understand the PDM overview

  • Understand PDM operating requirements

  • Prepare for PDM

  • Use PDM to configure the PIX Firewall

  • Make use of PDM to create a site-to-site VPN

  • Use PDM to create a remote access VPN

  • Use CiscoWorks Management Center for PIX Firewalls

  • Distinguish failover features

  • Recognize password recovery

  • Upgrade the PIX OS

In this chapter, you look at the PIX Device Management application that adds a graphical interface to configuring and monitoring the PIX Firewall. In addition to the GUI, PDM has included two wizards to help with initial firewall configuration and setting up VPN connections.

This chapter also covers the PIX failover system, which allows implementing PIX Firewalls in pairs for redundancy. System requirements and Configuration options are covered in detail.

Two maintenance issues—password recovery and PIX OS upgrades— are detailed at the end of the chapter.

Part III: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)