Before You Get Started

Welcome to the CCSP™: Cisco? Certified Security Professional Certification All-in-One Exam Guide. This book is here to help you prepare to take–and pass–the following Cisco security certification exams. Even more importantly, it is here to share a pool of knowledge that should help you become more employable in the field. If you strive for knowledge and experience, the certification will come. The CCSP exams are:

  • Securing Cisco IOS Networks

  • Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Exam

  • Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks

  • Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems Exam

  • Cisco SAFE Implementation Exam

In this section, we discuss skill building and exam preparation alternatives, the certification exam situation itself, the Cisco certification programs in general, and how this book can help you prepare for Cisco certification exams. We will look at the following:

  • Things to do to prepare

  • CCNA exam insights

  • Cisco Certification Information

Part III: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)