Chapter 21: Firewalls and VPN Features

Chapter 21: Firewalls and VPN Features


In this chapter, you learn to:

  • See how Pix Firewall enables a secure VPN

  • Use IPSec configuration tasks

  • Understand Cisco VPN Client

  • Scale PIX Firewall VPNs

  • Know about PPPoE and the PIX Firewall

In this chapter, you look at configuring IPSec VPNs on PIX Firewalls. Because the fundamentals of IPSec were addressed extensively in Chapters 9 through11, that material won’t be repeated. Terminology and concepts like Internet Key Exchange (IKE), Certification Authority (CA), preshared keys, and so forth are identical when connecting to a firewall. The differences are limited to the implementation commands.


As you prepare for the exam, be sure to check the Cisco site for the PIX OS version covered. At press time, the current test version is 6.2. Be careful when verifying commands against the Cisco online resources. Many documents haven’t been fully updated to 6.2. Old defaults and syntax have changed, so when in doubt, go to a device and try it out.

Part III: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)