Chapter 4: Cisco Secure ACS and TACACS+/RADIUS Technologies

Chapter 4: Cisco Secure ACS and TACACS+/RADIUS Technologies


In this chapter, you will learn how to:

  • Describe Cisco Secure ACS

  • Use the features and architecture of CiscoSecure ACS for Windows

  • Understand the features of CiscoSecure ACS for UNIX

  • Install CiscoSecure ACS 3.0 for Windows NT or Windows 2000

  • Administer and troubleshoot CiscoSecure ACS for Windows

  • Make use of TACACS+ overview and configuration

  • Configure Cisco Secure ACS and TACACS+

  • Verify TACACS+

This chapter looks at the features and architecture of the Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) application. The chapter also covers the general process of preparing to install and configure the current versions of ACS support for Windows 2000/NT and UNIX (Solaris). Before starting installation, it’s important for you to have the correct instructions for Cisco Secure ACS, for the appropriate network OS and OS version.

For the most recent information, go to on the Web and choose the link for Products | Security Components under the Product Categories heading. Access servers are listed under product categories. Or, perform a search on Cisco Secure ACS. This search should also reveal any recent security announcements and mitigation techniques. No CCO account is needed for much of the information. Be aware that some Windows references refer to NT or ACS NT, but also include Windows 2000.


Special Cisco Secure ACS upgrade and reinstallation requirements and steps must be followed to make sure everything goes smoothly. The process varies, depending on whether the original configuration settings are to be incorporated in the new installation. Always get the latest upgrade instructions.

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