Cisco Certification Program

Cisco Certification Program

The Cisco Certification Program currently includes the following separate certificates with various specialty tracks. You should become familiar with and visit regularly Cisco’s website at

Cisco reserves the right to change the number of questions and time limits for the exams as it sees fit. Cisco tries to keep this information confidential, although you can check either figure when you register for an exam. The site usually has pretty reliable information about number of questions and time limits.

Receiving Your Certificate

After passing the necessary certification exam(s) and agreeing to Cisco’s nondisclosure terms, you will be certified. Official certification normally takes from four to six weeks. The package includes a welcome kit that contains a number of elements:

  • Official certificate (suitable for framing)

  • A laminated wallet card

  • A graduation letter

  • A license to use the Cisco certification logo, in advertisements, promotions, documents, resumes, letterhead, business cards, and so on.

  • Access to the online Tracking System

Tracking Cisco Certification Status

As soon as you pass any Cisco exam, you must complete a certification agreement. To do this, go to Cisco’s Web site and select the Tracking System link. You can also mail a hard copy of the agreement to Cisco’s certification authority. You will not be certified until you complete a certification agreement and Cisco receives it in one of these forms.

The Certification Tracking Web site also allows you to view your certification information. Cisco will contact you via email and explain your certification and its use.


Cisco requires three-year recertification for the non-CCIE programs. The best place to keep tabs on the Cisco Career Certifications program and its related requirements is on the Web. The URL for the program is

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