Cisco IOS Firewall IDS Configuration Task List

Cisco IOS Firewall IDS Configuration Task List

Use these four basic steps to configure the IDS features if the network is using the Cisco Secure Director:

  • Initialize Cisco IOS Firewall IDS (required)

  • Initialize the Post Office (required)

  • Configure and apply audit rules (required)

  • Verify the configuration (optional)

The second step is only applicable when working with the Director. If the network isn’t using the Director, a logging feature within initializing the Post Office steps should still be used to create a history of the IDS activity.


The MCNS 640-100 exam doesn’t assume the Cisco Secure Director is present, and therefore doesn’t (at press time) require you to know those commands. The commands are included here to complete the coverage and in anticipation that the exam objectives could change. Assume the commands in the other three steps are required.

Part III: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)