Preparation Documents

Preparation Documents

The SAFE Implementation Exam is the capstone exam for the CCSP certification path. The exam tests the knowledge and skills needed to use and implement the principles and technologies contained in the “SAFE: Extending the Security Blueprint to Small, Midsize, and Remote-User Networks” (SMR) white paper.

While the exam is based on the SMR, the SMR refers to the original “SAFE: A Security Blueprint for Enterprise Networks.” The two documents are a 76 page and 66 page PDFs respectively and are available for free download from Any SAFE technology document should be considered to be a part of the exam preparation.

In addition to design strategies and security concepts, almost one-half of the SAFE white paper is network diagrams and configuration examples for the various technologies that should make an excellent concise tool for reviewing for the exam.

The white papers reference other Cisco documents that might help if you are feeling weak on a particular topic. Three short papers that can help fill in the gaps include the following. In each case perform a search for the document by name from the site.

  • Cisco AVVID Network Infrastructure Overview Good Summary of AVVID.
    Know this one for sure.

  • Network Security Policy: Best Practices White Paper Good Summary

  • SAFE Blueprint for Secure E-Business Q & A Format

Part III: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)