Exercise 2.1: Use case diagram

Suppose that you had a requirement for an online concert-ticket-ordering service. The requirement might go like this.

A client can visit the server and search a schedule for a concert. A concert specifies a performer, a venue and a date. After selecting a concert, the client sees a list of some available tickets, specifying seat and price. The client can view a map to see where the seats are located. The client can select tickets and add them to his or her order. The client can buy the order by filling in an address form and giving credit card information.

Draw a use case diagram indicating some of the possible scenarios.

Exercise 2.2: Scheduling

If you are using this book as the text in a projects class, make out a preliminary schedule for your project, indicating target dates for the following milestones: initial specification sketch, completion of requirements gathering, high-level design (architecture), detailed design and first build, alpha demo, beta demo, final demo.

Exercise 2.3: Specification sketch

Write a preliminary draft of a specification sketch for a game project based on the Pop Framework. Show it to friends, fellow students, and/or your teacher in order to get started on your requirements gathering.

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