3.2 Running and testing the Pop program

At this point, the reader should get familiar with the sample Pop program that we have built using our Pop Framework of classes. Read through the Pop help file while running the Pop program, so as to get an idea of the code we're going to be working with. While you're doing this, you can also get some experience with software testing. Write out some answers to Exercise 3.1.

Before starting work, make sure that you have downloaded the very latest version of the Pop program and help file from the course website. Even if two builds have the same version number, it may be that their build dates differ; compare the build date in your executable's caption bar to the build date given for the latest version of the downloadable program.

If you don't like reading help files onscreen, we've also printed a version of the help file as Appendix B, although this printed form will inevitably become outdated at some point; compare the dates in the printed help file and in the online help file. Note that when you open an electronic help file, you can use File | Print to make a hard copy of it.

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