Exercise 22.1: Find the MFC code for DECLARE_SERIAL

Use Edit | Find in Files to search the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98 directory and subdirectories for DECLARE_DYNAMIC. The line you are looking for is the one that starts with #define DECLARE_DYNAMIC; it lived in AFX.H, last time the author checked. Look at this and the other macros mentioned in this section, especially DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL. Note that a macro definition can extend over several lines if the lines keep ending with a backslash \.

Exercise 22.2: The second 4 Gig problem

Since time returns a 32-bit integer, we can expect a Y2K kind of problem some four billion seconds after 1970. (You might think of it as the Second 4 Gig problem.) This is when the time function will start repeating itself. Get out your calculator and figure out the date of this instant.

Exercise 22.3: Initializing the randomizer

Run Pop and use File | New to open a new document. Use Window | Tile so you can see them both. Do they look the same? Try this with both the Release and the Debug builds of the code. Why is the behaviour different?

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