Chapter 4. Creating PDF and Other Editions

    Introduction: Hacks #32-50

    Hack 32.  Create Interactive PDF with Your Word Processor

    Hack 33.  Create a Printable, On-Screen Edition from Word

    Hack 34.  Multipurpose PDF

    Hack 35.  Create an HTML Edition from Your Word Processor

    Hack 36.  Create a Handheld Edition from Your HTML

    Hack 37.  Convert Documents from Tools You Don't Own to PDF

    Hack 38.  Acrobat Distiller and Its Profiles

    Hack 39.  Print to PDF with Ghostscript and RedMon on Windows

    Hack 40.  Save As PDF with Mac OS X

    Hack 41.  Maximize PDF Portability

    Hack 42.  Configure Distiller and Ghostscript for Your Purpose

    Hack 43.  Embed and Subset Fonts to Your Advantage

    Hack 44.  Share a PDF Network Printer with Samba

    Hack 45.  Print to Image and Other Rasterizing Options

    Hack 46.  Print to SVG

    Hack 47.  Print Over the Internet

    Hack 48.  Create a PDF Album of Your Digital Pictures

    Hack 49.  Print to Fax on Windows

    Hack 50.  Convert Incoming Faxes to PDF on Linux