Chapter 1. Browsing and Searching

    Section 1.1.  Hacks #1-12

    Section 1.2.  Amazon Product Pages

    Hack 1.  Find a Product's ASIN

    Hack 2.  Find a CD's ASIN with the UPC

    Hack 3.  Jump to a Product Using Its ASIN

    Hack 4.  Create Shorter URLs

    Hack 5.  Link Directly to Product Images

    Hack 6.  Switch to a Text-Only Amazon

    Hack 7.  Take Amazon Anywhere

    Hack 8.  Browse and Search Categories with Browse Nodes

    Hack 9.  Power-Search for Books

    Hack 10.  Search Amazon from the IE Address Bar

    Hack 11.  Search Amazon from Any Web Page in IE

    Hack 12.  Add an Amazon Sidebar Search to Mozilla