Hack 24 Create an Amazon Event Reminder


Don't miss another birthday or anniversary! Let Amazon remind you of important dates via email with their event reminder service.

Wouldn't it be great to have a personal assistant to remind you of important events that you need to buy gifts for? And wouldn't it be great if this assistant handed you a list of potential gifts? Amazon can remind you of important days and recommend gifts to go along with them using their reminder service.

To add a reminder, click the "Your Store" tab, choose "Friends & Favorites" from the submenu, then click "Add a Reminder" from the lefthand list of links. You'll see the event reminder form (Figure 2-12), where you can fill in all of the details related to the event: the person's name, type of occasion, date, and how long before the event you'd like to be notified. You can even choose several different event times in case you need several reminders.

Figure 2-12. Event reminder form

If you choose to fill in personal information about the gift recipient, Amazon will search for their wish list and make suggestions based on your information.

Finding a list of all your reminders can be a bit tricky. Just follow the path outlined to make your way to the event reminder form. At the top of the page you'll see a navigation trail that says, "Gift Services Special Occasion Reminders Create a Reminder." Click "Special Occasion Reminders" from this list and you'll see the events you have set. From here you can edit or remove them.

If someone has their birth date associated with their wish list, you can automatically add a reminder by clicking "Create a reminder for this date" on the righthand side of their wish list page.