Chapter 2. Controlling Your Information

    Section 2.1.  Hacks #13-26

    Hack 13.  Understand Identity at Amazon

    Hack 14.  Fine-Tune Your Recommendations

    Hack 15.  Enable 1-Click Buying

    Hack 16.  Set Up a Group Account

    Hack 17.  Create an "About You" Area

    Hack 18.  Create a Wish List

    Hack 19.  Add Items to a Wish List Remotely

    Hack 20.  Add Multiple Items to a Wish List at Once

    Hack 21.  Organize Your Wish List by Priority

    Hack 22.  Set Email and Messages Preferences

    Hack 23.  Get Movie Showtimes

    Hack 24.  Create an Amazon Event Reminder

    Hack 25.  Create Several Birthday Reminders at Once

    Hack 26.  Best Practices for Your Amazon Account