Chapter 3. Participating in the Amazon Community

    Section 3.1.  Hacks #27-48

    Section 3.2.  Community Features

    Section 3.3.  Accessing Community Features

    Hack 27.  Write a Review

    Hack 28.  Link Directly to Reviews of a Product

    Hack 29.  Post a Review from a Remote Site

    Hack 30.  Add Pop-up Amazon Reviews to Your Web Site

    Hack 31.  Send an Email Alert if a Review Is Added to a Product

    Hack 32.  Sort Books by Average Customer Rating

    Hack 33.  Sort Your Recommendations by Average Customer Rating

    Hack 34.  Scrape Product Reviews

    Hack 35.  Publish Your Amazon Reviews on Your Site

    Hack 36.  Share the Love (and Savings!) with Your Friends

    Hack 37.  Create a Guide

    Hack 38.  Post a Guide Remotely

    Hack 39.  Add Product Advice Remotely

    Hack 40.  Scrape Customer Advice

    Hack 41.  Create a Listmania! List

    Hack 42.  Gather Your Friends on Amazon

    Hack 43.  Gather Your Friends' Amazon IDs

    Hack 44.  Get Purchase Circle Products with Screen Scraping

    Hack 45.  Find Purchase Circles by Zip Code

    Hack 46.  Track the Ranks of Books Over Time

    Hack 47.  Group Conversations About Books

    Hack 48.  Add a "Currently Reading" List to Your Web Site