Chapter 4. Selling Through Amazon

    Section 4.1.  Hacks #49-58

    Section 4.2.  Understanding Amazon's Sales Programs

    Hack 49.  Sell a Book with Amazon Marketplace

    Hack 50.  Speed Up the Listing Process

    Hack 51.  List Several Items for Sale at Once

    Hack 52.  Sell What People Want

    Hack 53.  Scope Out the Marketplace Competition

    Hack 54.  List Your Items for Sale on Your Web Site

    Hack 55.  Put an Item Up for Bid at Amazon Auctions

    Hack 56.  Get (and Keep!) a Good Seller Rating

    Hack 57.  Collect Donations from Your Web Site with the Honor System

    Hack 58.  Show the Progress of Your Honor System Fund on Your Site