Chapter 6. Amazon Web Services

    Section 6.1.  Hacks #76-100

    Section 6.2.  What Are Web Services?

    Section 6.3.  Why Expose an API?

    Section 6.4.  What You Need

    Section 6.5.  What You Can Do

    Section 6.6.  Making Requests

    Section 6.7.  The RESTful Way: XML/HTTP

    Section 6.8.  SOAP Web Services

    Section 6.9.  Working With Responses

    Hack 76.  View XML Responses in a Browser

    Hack 77.  Embed Product Details into a Web Page with PHP

    Hack 78.  Program AWS with PHP

    Hack 79.  Program AWS with Python

    Hack 80.  Program AWS with Perl

    Hack 81.  Loop Around the 10-Result Limit

    Hack 82.  Program XML/HTTP with VBScript

    Hack 83.  Transform AWS Results to HTML with XSLT

    Hack 84.  Work Around Products Without Images

    Hack 85.  Syndicate a List of Books with RSS

    Hack 86.  Import Data Directly into Excel

    Hack 87.  Program AWS with SOAP and VB.NET

    Hack 88.  Program AWS with SOAP::Lite and Perl

    Hack 89.  Program AWS with NuSOAP and PHP

    Hack 90.  Create a Wireless Wish List

    Hack 91.  Make Product Titles Shorter

    Hack 92.  Encode Text for URLs

    Hack 93.  Cache Amazon Images Locally

    Hack 94.  Cache AWS Responses Locally

    Hack 95.  Create an Amazon AIM Bot

    Hack 96.  Compare International Sales

    Hack 97.  Program AWS with Mozilla

    Hack 98.  Search or Browse Amazon with Watson

    Hack 99.  Add Cover Art to Your Digital Music Collection

    Hack 100.  Using All Consuming's SOAP and REST Interfaces