Chapter 5. Associates Program

    Section 5.1.  Hacks #59-75

    Section 5.2.  Make Money by Linking to Amazon

    Hack 59.  Build Associate Links

    Hack 60.  Sell Items from Your Site

    Hack 61.  Sell Items with Pop-up Windows

    Hack 62.  Create Banner Ads for Your Site

    Hack 63.  Rotate Through Several Keyword Banners on Your Site

    Hack 64.  Add an Amazon Search Box to Your Site

    Hack 65.  Show Amazon Search Results on Your Site

    Hack 66.  Create an Online Store

    Hack 67.  Donate to Charities Through Associate Links

    Hack 68.  Format a Review for Your Site

    Hack 69.  Create Amazon Associate Links on Your Movable Type Weblog

    Hack 70.  Simplify Amazon Associate Links in Your Blosxom Weblog

    Hack 71.  Add an Amazon Box to Your Site

    Hack 72.  Deep Linking to Amazon's Mobile Device Pages

    Hack 73.  Measure Your Associate Sales

    Hack 74.  Publish Your Associate Sales Statistics on Your Site

    Hack 75.  Associates Program Best Practices