Hack 15 Enable 1-Click Buying


Zip through the checkout process and indulge the impulse buyer within by setting up push-button buying.

1-Click buying is the impulse buyer's dream?or nightmare, depending upon your point of view. Once activated, you can skip the standard checkout process and buy something by clicking a single button. It takes just a few clicks to set it up.

At the top of every page at Amazon you'll find a consistent set of options in the Amazon Toolbar, shown in Figure 2-5.

Figure 2-5. Amazon Toolbar

From this toolbar, choose "Your Account" to see your preferences page. In the section titled "Personal Information," choose "View or Change 1-Click Settings." (You'll be asked to sign in if you haven't already.)

Your browser must have cookies enabled if you want to use 1-Click buying.

From this page you'll see your 1-Click status (on or off) in a box at the upper righthand corner of the page. Once you've verified your 1-Click shipping address and payment information, you can enable 1-Click by signing in from any product detail page. Under the "Add to Shopping Cart" button, you'll find "Sign in to turn on 1-Click ordering." Once signed in, you're all set to have products shipped to your house with the click of a button.

There are no price limits on 1-Click buying, so you could find a $9,000 plasma HDTV-ready flat-panel TV on your doorstep with a few careless clicks. But once you've ordered an item with 1-Click, you have 90 minutes to cancel it or add more items. Just click "Your Account" from the top of any page to edit your order.

You can send gifts with 1-Click as well. Just add an address on your 1-Click settings page, click "edit," and be sure that "Include address in your 1-Click drop-down box" is checked. You'll then have the option to choose the target address from a drop-down box before your 1-Click action.

To turn off 1-Click buying for your account, visit your 1-Click settings page and click "Turn 1-Click Off" in the righthand status box.