System.Web.Services.Configuration (system.web.services.dll)sealed class

This attribute specifies the XML namespace (the constructor's ns parameter) and XML namespace prefix (the constructor's prefix parameter) that will be used for all format extensions generated by a custom format extension class. This attribute is applied to the custom System.Web.Services.Description.ServiceDescriptionFormatExtension class.

public sealed class XmlFormatExtensionPrefixAttribute : Attribute {
// Public Constructors
   public XmlFormatExtensionPrefixAttribute( );
   public XmlFormatExtensionPrefixAttribute(string prefix, string ns);
// Public Instance Properties
   public string Namespace{set; get; }
   public string Prefix{set; get; }


System.Object System.Attribute XmlFormatExtensionPrefixAttribute

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    Part III: Namespace Reference
    Chapter 40. The System.Web.UI.MobileControls Namespace
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