System.Web.Services.Description (

The ServiceDescriptionImporter is used to programmatically create a proxy class for a web service. Clients invoke web service methods by creating an instance of the proxy class and invoking the corresponding method on the proxy class.

To create a proxy class, first use the AddServiceDescription( ) method to add a ServiceDescription to the ServiceDescriptions collection. Then create the proxy class with the Import( ) method.

When using the AddServiceDescription( ) method, use the appSettingUrlKey and appSettingBaseUrl parameters to specify how the Url property will be generated for the web service proxy class.

public class ServiceDescriptionImporter {
// Public Constructors
   public ServiceDescriptionImporter( );
// Public Instance Properties
   public string ProtocolName{set; get; }
   public XmlSchemas Schemas{get; }
   public ServiceDescriptionCollection ServiceDescriptions{get; }
   public ServiceDescriptionImportStyle Style{set; get; }
// Public Instance Methods
   public void AddServiceDescription(ServiceDescription serviceDescription, string appSettingUrlKey, 
        string appSettingBaseUrl);
   public ServiceDescriptionImportWarnings Import(System.CodeDom.CodeNamespace codeNamespace, 
        System.CodeDom.CodeCompileUnit codeCompileUnit);

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