System.Web.UI.WebControls (system.web.dll)enum

This enumeration is used to support different measurement units, which are used for setting various properties in controls, including WebControl.Height, WebControl.Width, and Unit.

A Point is a unit of measurement that represents 1/72 of an inch. A Pica is equivalent to 12 points. The Percentage value is relative to the parent element. An Em is relative to the height of a parent element's font (so 2 em specifies a font size that is twice as large as that of the parent). An Ex is relative to the height of the lowercase letter "x" of the parent element's font.

public enum UnitType {
   Pixel = 1,
   Point = 2,
   Pica = 3,
   Inch = 4,
   Mm = 5,
   Cm = 6,
   Percentage = 7,
   Em = 8,
   Ex = 9


System.Object System.ValueType System.Enum(System.IComparable, System.IFormattable, System.IConvertible) UnitType

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Unit.Unit( )

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