System.Web.Services.Protocols ( class

This class represents a SOAP request sent by a proxy client or SOAP response received by a proxy client. It inherits from SoapMessage, which defines most of the functionality used for SOAP messages.

public sealed class SoapClientMessage : SoapMessage {
// Public Instance Properties
   public override string Action{get; }             // overrides SoapMessage
   public SoapHttpClientProtocol Client{get; }
   public override LogicalMethodInfo MethodInfo{get; }           // overrides SoapMessage
   public override bool OneWay{get; }               // overrides SoapMessage
   public override string Url{get; }                // overrides SoapMessage
// Protected Instance Methods
   protected override void EnsureInStage( );         // overrides SoapMessage
   protected override void EnsureOutStage( );        // overrides SoapMessage


System.Object SoapMessage SoapClientMessage

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