Done at Last!

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Now that you've completed the integrity review and assembled all of the documentation for the database, the logical database-design process is complete. You can rest assured that you have a properly designed database and that its implementation will proceed smoothly. On to the next client and the next database design!


This is your last meeting with Mike and his staff. Your objective is to review his database and its integrity one final time. Although you're confident that you will not find any problems, you want to give the database one final quality-control review.

During the meeting, you review each of the database structures to ensure that they are in accordance with the various elements that govern them. Then you review each component of overall data integrity to make certain that you've properly established table-level, field-level, and relationship-level integrity, as well as business rules. Finally you gather all of the documentation you've generated throughout the design process. After you've assembled all of the documentation into a set of binders, you give them to Mike and declare that his database is now complete. Mike expresses his thanks and gratitude for a job well done and promises your check will be in the mail by the 15th of the month. You express your thanks to Mike and his staff, say your good-byes and depart for new horizons. As you leave, Mike stares in your direction; one final thought occurs to him.

"Now, if I could just get you to implement my database for me . . ."


Part II: The Design Process