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Why You Should Review Data Integrity

Reviewing and Refining Data Integrity

Assembling the Database Documentation

Done at Last!

Case StudyWrap Up


You are now at the final stage of the database-design process. You've accomplished many things since you started the process. Thus far you have

  • Perceived the advantages of the relational database model and how it compares to other database models

  • Created a mission statement for a new database

  • Defined mission objectives for the new database

  • Performed a complete analysis of an old database

  • Identified the organization's information requirements

  • Defined all the appropriate table structures

  • Assigned a primary key to each table

  • Established field specifications for each field

  • Established table relationships

  • Defined and established business rules

  • Defined all the appropriate views

  • Established overall data integrity

For all intents and purposes, your new database is complete; nevertheless, it would be to your advantage to perform one final review of the overall data integrity of your database.


Part II: The Design Process