Interview Guidelines

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Participant Guidelines

  • Make the participants aware of your intentions.

  • Let the participants know that you appreciate their taking part in the interview and that their responses to the interview questions are valuable to the overall design project.

  • Make sure everyone understands that you are the official arbitrator if and when a dispute arises.

Interviewer Guidelines

  • Conduct the interview in a well-lit room, separated from distracting noise, with a large table and comfortable chairs, and have coffee and munchies on hand.

  • Set a limit of 10 people or fewer for each interview.

  • Conduct separate interviews for users and management.

  • When you have to interview several groups of people, designate a group leader for each group.

  • Prepare your questions prior to the interview.

  • If you're not very good at taking notes, either assign that task to a dependable transcriber for each interview or get the group's permission to use a tape recorder to record the interview.

  • Give everyone your equal and undivided attention.

  • Keep the pace of the interview moving.

  • Always maintain control of the interview.


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