Topics Covered in This Chapter

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Defining the Preliminary Table List

Defining the Final Table List

Associating Fields with Each Table

Refining the Fields

Refining the Table Structures

Case Study


Review Questions

Organizations use databases to keep track of various subjects that are important to them. For example, a medical clinic keeps track of, among other things, its patients, doctors, and appointments; an equipment rental business must maintain data on its customers, equipment, and rental agreements; and a registrar's office is concerned (at the very least) with students, teaching staff, and courses. In every caseand in any other scenario you can imaginea table within the database represents each subject. Furthermore, each table is composed of fields, which represent the characteristics that define or describe the subject of the table. Tables constitute the very foundation of the database, and they guarantee a solid and sound foundation when they are properly designed.


Part II: The Design Process