These programs block or disable advertiser-sponsored programs that could secretly transmit information about your computer over the Internet.


  • Ad-Aware Helps detect and block advertiser-sponsored software (spyware) from retrieving information from your hard disk. (

  • Aureate/Radiate Remover Removes the Radiate/Aureate spyware DLL files from your computer to prevent them from retrieving information from your hard disk. Advertiser-supported freeware. (

  • FlowProtector Blocks cookies, spyware, and Internet connections that could send data from your computer without your knowledge. Freeware. (

  • OptOut Removes the Aureate/Radiate DLL files that turn shareware into spyware. Freeware. (

  • Silencer Blocks communication between spyware and the server that the spyware is trying to send your data to. Freeware. (