See what others are doing with your computer in your absence.


  • 2Spy Logs all activity on your PC so you can see what others may be doing on your computer in your absence. Shareware. (

  • AppsTraka Records all programs run, when they were used, and all keystrokes typed to help you detect unauthorized users on your computer. Shareware. (

  • Ghost Keylogger Secretly records keystrokes so you can see what someone may have been doing on your computer. Demoware. (

  • iOpus STARR Monitors the use or abuse of your PC. Shareware. (

  • Key Interceptor Logs all typed keys. Freeware. (

  • KeyKey Records keystrokes in Windows or a DOS box. Shareware. (

  • Omniquad Desktop Surveillance Runs as an invisible agent, which unobtrusively captures keystrokes and records screen contents for replay. The program also compiles activity reports that include all user activities: websites, chat rooms, newsgroups, games, files, and folders.Trialware. (

  • PC Activity Monitor Records keystrokes to help you monitor what people are doing on a computer without your knowledge. Shareware. (

  • RedHand Secretly monitors your computer to determine which programs someone may be using without your knowledge or permission. Can also limit users to performing only certain functions on a computer. Shareware. (

  • Security Setup II Restricts different users from accessing certain features, such as disabling the Control Panel and limiting users to running only certain programs. Shareware. (

  • WinWhatWhere Investigator Quietly monitors and reports date, time started, time elapsed, program captions, and keystrokes. Shareware. (


  • Cone of Silence Prevents keystroke capturing programs from recording what you type. Shareware. (

  • Free Guard Hides files and folders. Freeware. (

  • Keystroke Recorder Records each keystroke into a file for later viewing. Shareware. (

  • SuperLock Pro Prevents unauthorized access to your Macintosh by recording any break-in attempts, sounding an alarm, automatically going into sleep mode, and stopping someone from rebooting your computer. Shareware. (