Analyze ports on your network and detect vulnerabilities with these programs.


  • AATools Scans a network for vulnerable computers and open ports. Shareware. (http://www.glocksoft.com)

  • AntiSniff Detects port sniffing on a network. Freeware. (http://www.l0pht.com/antisniff)

  • NetBrute Searches for shared resources, detects open ports on a computer or network, and tests a website for password security. Freeware. (http://www.rawlogic.com/products.html)

  • PortBlocker Blocks open ports on your computer to prevent them from being used by hackers or Trojan horses. Freeware. (http://www.analogx.com)

  • SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks) Recognizes several common networking-related security problems and reports the problems without actually exploiting them. Freeware. (http://www.fish.com/satan/)

  • TJ Ping Ping, traceroute, and lookup utility. Freeware. (http://www.topjimmy.net/tjs)


  • Nmap Linux-based port scanner regarded as the most comprehensive port scanner currently available. Freeware. (http://www.insecure.org)

  • Snort A lightweight network intrusion detection system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks. C/C++ source code available. Freeware. (http://www.snort.org)