Newspapers and magazines often get their information from national and international news services, which often get the information directly from people at the scene of the event itself. Local writers, unable to attend the news event in person, simply embellish, exaggerate, or expand on the information from these news services to create their own newspaper or magazine articles. So, rather than wait for news to appear in your favorite newspaper or magazine, go directly to the source by visiting a news service website.

  • 21st Century Digest Provides the latest news articles and links to several major news networks, including CNN and the BBC (

  • ABC News, CBS News, and MSNBC News from the three largest television news networks in North America (,,

  • Agence France-Presse French news service that offers news in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese (

  • Associated Press One of the most popular wire services, AP provides stories to newspapers throughout the United States, including the Los Angeles Times, the Detroit News, and the Washington Times (

  • Baltic News Service The largest news agency in the Baltic states (

  • Business News Americas Financial news about Latin America (

  • China Daily News from mainland China covering Chinese and international news (

  • CNN You can't ignore the only American news service that can get inside countries like Iraq and Cuba and interview world leaders like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro (

  • Federation of American Scientists Information from the scientific community regarding various environmental, political, and technology stories (

  • Fox News News from the fast-growing Fox Network (

  • Good News Agency Unusual news service that only offers positive, uplifting news to counteract the deluge of pessimism so prevalent with most news services today (

  • Intelligence Online This news service is especially designed for diplomats, military and political officials, heads of company security services, or academics interested in intelligence matters, business intelligence, and international political issues. Find news on money laundering, terrorist activities, weapons smuggling, and other types of crimes that are occurring at this very moment (

  • Inter Press Service This non-governmental organization delivers daily news from around the world in English, Finnish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish (

  • Korean Central News Agency The official news service of North Korea. Learn about world events as seen from communist North Korea's point of view (

  • Nando Times Another news service providing information from around the world (

  • One World Provides news from over 150 global organizations, such as Save the Children, ActionAid, UNICEF, and Christian Aid. It is one of the few sites that presents news from a brutally honest point of view with headlines such as "Brazil to celebrate date that meant genocide for 5 million" (

  • Reuters Read information from one of the most popular and famous news services in the world (

  • Analyzes global events to offer the general public information normally reserved for governments (

  • Total Scoop Displays the tops stories of the day organized by categories such as Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, and Travel (

  • Voice of America Voice of America offers the official United States government's view on the news. This is broadcast around the world, especially into countries that limit access to information (

  • Voice of Russia Voice of Russia broadcasts interviews, discussions, and historical information about Russia. Unlike the Voice of America, the Voice of Russia is primarily an entertainment and educational broadcast about life in Russia (