These programs can detect, remove, and block viruses from infecting your computer.


  • eSafe Multipurpose program that provides content filtering (so you can selectively block certain websites from users), an antivirus program, a desktop lockdown program (to prevent unauthorized access to your computer), and an anti-vandalism program to keep malicious worms and viruses from attacking your hard disk. Trialware. (

  • F-Prot DOS-based antivirus program. Freeware. (

  • Mail Cleaner Scans your Outlook or Outlook Express email for viruses hidden as file attachments. If it finds one, the program deletes the suspect email and notifies you of its action. Freeware. (

  • Norton Antivirus 2000 Well-known leading antivirus program. Trialware. (

  • ScripTrap Blocks the running of malicious scripts, such as viruses written with VBScript. Freeware. (

  • Script Defender Protects against all forms of malicious code (such as macro viruses) that run scripting languages such as VBScript or JavaScript. Freeware. (

  • SurfinGuard Monitors programs for suspicious behavior; if malicious behavior is detected, SurfinGuard kills the suspect program. Freeware. (

  • Virus Trap Helps detect and capture viruses by offering "bait" files for viruses to infect. Once a "bait" file has been infected, the program alerts you so you can send the trapped virus to an antivirus company for further analysis. Freeware. (


  • Agax An expandable, free antivirus program that offers both standard virus-scanning and more advanced background protection. Freeware. (

  • Disinfectant Adds basic virus protection by scanning files when opened and monitoring your system for unusual activity. Freeware. (

  • McAfee VirusScan One of the most popular antivirus programs in the world. Shareware. (