Chapter 9: CON Games on the Internet

Chapter 9: CON Games on the Internet


You can't cheat an honest man.


COMBINE LAZINESS WITH GULLIBILITY AND GREED, AND YOU HAVE THE PRIME INGREDIENTS FOR LOSING YOUR MONEY TO ONE OF THE MANY SCAMS CIRCULATING AROUND THE INTERNET. In addition to unparalleled opportunities for mass communication on a worldwide scale, the Internet has created global opportunities for cheating people, as well. Of course, the Internet itself isn't to blame for con games. The Internet simply provides a new medium for con artists to lure new victims.

Con games always involve three elements:

  • Exploiting the victim's trust

  • Enticing the victim to pay money in advance

  • Promising a fantastic reward in return for little or no effort

Because nearly everyone would love to make a lot of money without doing anything to earn it (which may explain why so many people go into politics), all of us risk becoming potential con game victims. To keep yourself from falling prey to a con game, take some time to educate yourself on the different types of cons that have been fleecing people for years.