Hide data in graphics or sound files with these programs.


  • dc-Steganograph A very small DOS-based program that hides data in PCX images. Freeware. (

  • Gif-It-Up Hides data in GIF files. (No installation support.)

  • Hide and Seek Encrypts data using Blowfish and then hides it in GIF files. Freeware.

  • Hide4PGP Works with PGP to encrypt and hide data in bitmap or sound files. Freeware. (

  • Hide in Picture Hides and encrypts data in a bitmap file. Freeware. (

  • Invisible Secrets Hides files in other files not usually suspected of encryption, including JPEG, PNG, and BMP. (

  • MP3Stego Hides data in MP3 audio files. (Includes C source code.) Freeware. (

  • S-Tools Hides data in bitmap, GIF, or WAV files. Freeware. (

  • Steganos Security Suite Encrypts email using ordinary encryption or steganography to hide your email from prying eyes and can shred files beyond recovery. Trialware. (

  • wbStego Hides data in graphic, ASCII, HTML, or Adobe Acrobat files. Trialware. (


  • Stego Hides and recovers encrypted data in GIF files. Free (Open Source). (