These programs can help you detect, block, and remove remote access Trojan horse programs.


  • BODetect A comprehensive Trojan horse detection and removal program. Shareware. (

  • The Cleaner Scans your system for Trojans. Shareware. (

  • Jammer Protects you against NetBus, Back Orifice 1.x, and BO2K. (

  • NetBus Remover Finds and removes the NetBus Trojan horse that affects Windows 95/98/NT. Freeware. (No installation support.)

  • NetBuster Detects and removes the NetBus Trojan horse. Will also create a fake NetBus connection to help you fool any hackers trying to access your computer using NetBus. Freeware. (

  • StartupMonitor Monitors all programs that automatically start up when you boot up Windows. Use this to detect Trojan horse programs that may be secretly starting when you boot up. Freeware. (

  • Sub-Net 2.0 Trojan horse port scanner useful for analyzing and securing your Internet connection. Freeware. (

  • SubSeven Server Sniper Detects and removes the SubSeven Trojan horse; can also trace an attacker over the Internet. Freeware. (

  • Tauscan Detects and removes remote access Trojans installed on your hard disk. Trialware. (

  • TDS:Trojan Defence Suite Detects and removes hundreds of Trojan horses from your computer. Trialware. (

  • Trojans Database Describes the most popular Trojan horses including their features and the ports they use to attack a computer. Freeware. (No installation support.)

  • Trojans First Aid Kit Detects and removes hundreds of Trojan horses. Freeware. (

  • Win Trinoo Server Sniper Detects and removes the Trinoo Trojan, which can use your computer to launch a distributed denial-of-service attack against another computer. Freeware. (