These programs can securely delete files to prevent all but the best-funded authorities from recovering your data.


  • BCWipe Shreds your files and disks to eliminate traces of your data. Free for non-commercial use. (

  • CyberScrub Securely shreds and deletes confidential files beyond recovery. Shareware. (

  • Eraser File shredder with Visual C++ source code. Freeware. (

  • Evidence Eliminator Securely shreds files and disks. Defeats forensic analysis software. Trialware. (

  • Shredder 95/98/NT Completely destroys files and even free space beyond any hope of recovery. Shareware. (

  • Shred-It Shreds your files and folders beyond recovery. (

  • Shred-X Removes all traces of your files. Shareware. (


  • Burn File shredder to keep your deleted files from being recovered. Freeware. (

  • NetShred Shreds your web cache and other related files to prevent someone from tracking your Internet usage. Shareware. (

  • Shred-It Shreds files and folders beyond recovery. Shareware. (


  • Wipe Includes C source code. Freeware. (