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WARNING: This book is not to be used for hacking into government computers, shutting down AOL, cracking software, phone phreaking, spreading viruses, or any other illegal activity.

Is your computer safe from computer viruses and malicious hackers? No matter how secure you think your computer is, it’s still vulnerable to a variety of attacks that can ruin your files or hoodwink you out of thousands of dollars.

This newly revised third edition of the best-selling Steal This Computer Book will help you protect yourself. You’ll discover:

  • How to tackle spyware, web bugs, and adware—seemingly innocent programs that harvest your private information
  • How hackers hide their identities and shred their files
  • How hackers write computer viruses and worms
  • How Trojan Horse programs work and how to defend against them
  • How hackers steal software and defeat copy protection mechanisms
  • How to fight back against spammers
  • How to tell when your machine is being attacked and what you can do to protect it
  • Where the hackers are, how they probe a target and sneak into a computer and what they do when they get there

About the Author

Best-selling computer book author Wallace Wang is a former contributor to Boardwatch magazine, where he wrote a monthly column called “Notes From the Underground.” He is also a successful stand-up comic who has appeared on A&E’s “Evening at the Improv” and appears regularly at the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas.