Chapter 10: Online Stalkers

Chapter 10: Online Stalkers


I have always believed that to have true justice we must have equal harassment under the law.


EVERY TIME YOU USE A CREDIT CARD, APPLY FOR A JOB, OR FILL OUT A SURVEY, YOU ARE GIVING AWAY YOUR PRIVACY. Even worse, your information will likely be stored on a computer where any government, company, or individual may be able to access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're worried that others can access your personal information without your knowledge or consent, your fears are completely justified.

Of course, information works both ways. Even though others may be able to retrieve your personal information, you can retrieve personal information about them as well. You can find an old roommate, track down a family member, even stalk someone you are obsessed with. With the help of the Internet and this chapter, you can find names, addresses, and phone numbers of others and minimize the spread of your own personal information to others.

If you think your private life is private, visit any of the websites listed in this chapter and search for your own name. You may be surprised to find out how much information is available about you on these websites-information available to anyone, anytime.