Many hackers have banded together to post and advertise their own websites. Most hacker sites provide information about the hacker world told from the hacker's point of view, which mainstream media typically ignores. On hacker websites you'll find the latest security holes found in the more popular operating systems, and even hacker programs for invading other computers.

To learn more about hacking from the hacker's point of view, take a look at any of the following sites:

  • Attrition.org News and archives of hacker text and program files (http://www.attrition.org).

  • BlackCode Full-service hacker site selling merchandise, offering free downloads of hacker tools, and providing a proxy server to strip away your identity so you can surf the Internet anonymously (http://www.blackcode.com).

  • Cipherwar Provides news about hacking and the political debates surrounding the government's efforts to legislate, regulate, and otherwise control the Internet (http://www.cipherwar.com).

  • Cult of the Dead Cow Infamous hacker group responsible for releasing the Back Orifice remote administration tool that can also be used as a Trojan horse to hijack another computer (http://www.cultdeadcow.com).

  • Hack Canada Unique website focusing on hacking, phone phreaking, and anarchy from a Canadian point of view (http://www.hackcanada.com).

  • Hackers.com A hacker site that pledges to uphold the "old school" of hacking, which provides information to the curious, but avoids destructive and malicious hacking tools such as computer viruses or Trojan horses (http://www.hackers.com).

  • Hideaway.Net Specializes in covering news about computer security so that you can see the latest flaws in various firewalls, servers, and browsers (http://www.hideaway.net).

  • Insecure.org Lists plenty of security flaws and "exploits" in all your favorite operating systems, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux (http://www.insecure.org).

  • New Order Provides plenty of links to various hacker resources, such as anonymous remailers, encryption software, ICQ exploits, Novell network hacking, and hacker e-zines (http://neworder.box.sk).

  • Sys-Security Group dedicated to computer security research, offering plenty of information about port scanning (http://www.sys-security.com).

  • Underground News Offers hacker tools and news, and sells backpacks and messenger bags as well (http://www.undergroundnews.com).

  • Wiretapped Website specializing in intrusion detection software and cryptography (http://www.wiretapped.net).