Analyzer: (a public-domain protocol analyzer for Windows 95/ 98/NT)

cron: (a Windows port of the UNIX utility)

GNU Utilities for Win32: (ports of various GNU utilities for Win32 that run natively without an emulation layer; covers tar, gzip, and md5sum)

MinGW: (minimalist GNU for Windows, which provides a gcc that produces Windows-native binaries)

Nessus: (an open-source security scanner)

Netcat: (the TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife)

NMAP: (the Network Mapper)

Osiris: (a tripwire-like program for Windows NT)

Perl for Windows:

SniffIt: (a packet sniffer for LINUX, SunOS, Solaris, FreeBSD and IRIX)

The Laughing Bit: (some useful FireWall-1 scripts and programs)

Zebra: (a multipurpose routing daemon available under the GNU license)

Third-Party Log Analysis Tools




NetIQ's Webtrends suite:

Netspective Webreporter:

PATROL for Check Point FireWall-1 from BMC Software:,,19052_0_0_7072,00.html

Peter Sundstrom's fwlogsum:

Rajeev Kumar's fwlogstat:

S/Key Generators

Archive of OTP clients:

Opie: (One-Time Passwords in Everything)