Thanks to:

  • My wife, Alisa, and my son, Jaden, who put up with this book process a second time.

  • Derin Mellor for providing me with several ideas that I used in Chapter 13.

  • Lance Spitzner for allowing me to use his "Armoring Solaris" whitepaper as the basis for Appendix A.

  • My editors: Karen Gettman, Jessica Goldstein, and Elizabeth Ryan.

  • My reviewers: Tina Bird, Robert Bruen, Jed Daniels, Joseph Dell, Matthew Gast, Brad C. Johnson, Paul Keser, Marcus Leech, Valerie LeVielle, and Tom Warfield. Your reviews were invaluable to this process.

  • Folks at Nokia: Paul Esch, Matthew Gulbranson, Steve Merchant, Qian Zhao, John Kobara, Karl Danz, Ed Ingber, Claudio Basegra, Scott McComas, Venkat Cheemalakonda, Bihn Vo, Pavla Thatcher, Patrick Miller, Chris Morosco, the guys who work in Support, and anyone else who puts up with me on a semi-regular basis.

  • Folks at Check Point: Adam Pearlman, Gil Carmon, Hanan Levin, Nimrod Vered, Yaniv Kaul, and Scott McFarlane.

  • A bunch of people whom I'm sure I've forgotten to name.

  • And finally, to the rest of you who have visited my Web site, contributed to the process, kept me employable, and bought the first edition.

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