NSScanner Mac OS X 10.0

This class declares an API for objects that can interpret and convert a string into individual number and string values. When you create a scanner object, you assign it the string to scan. Scanner objects are created with the method scannerWithString:, or initialized with initWithString:. A scanner works by interpreting and converting string and number values based on the scan message sent to the scanner object. For example, if the method scanInt: is invoked, the scanner will scan through the string searching from the next available integer. Scanning usually happens within a loop, until the entire string has been scanned. Clients can test whether or not the scanner is at the end of the string using the method isAtEnd.


@interface NSScanner : NSObject <NSCopying>
 // Convenience Constructors
   + (id)scannerWithString:(NSString *)string;
 // Initializers
   - (id)initWithString:(NSString *)string;
 // Accessor Methods
   - (void)setCaseSensitive:(BOOL)flag;
   - (BOOL)caseSensitive;
   - (void)setScanLocation:(unsigned)pos;
   - (unsigned)scanLocation;
   - (void)setCharactersToBeSkipped:(NSCharacterSet *)set;
   - (NSCharacterSet *)charactersToBeSkipped;
   - (void)setLocale:(NSDictionary *)dict;
   - (NSDictionary *)locale;
 // Class Methods
   + (id)localizedScannerWithString:(NSString *)string;
 // Instance Methods
   - (BOOL)scanCharactersFromSet:(NSCharacterSet *)set intoString:(NSString **)value;
   - (BOOL)scanDecimal:(NSDecimal *)dcm;
   - (BOOL)isAtEnd;
   - (BOOL)scanDouble:(double *)value;
   - (BOOL)scanFloat:(float *)value;
   - (BOOL)scanHexInt:(unsigned *)value;
   - (BOOL)scanInt:(int *)value;
   - (BOOL)scanLongLong:(long long *)value;
   - (BOOL)scanString:(NSString *)string  intoString:(NSString **)value;
   - (BOOL)scanUpToCharactersFromSet:(NSCharacterSet *)set intoString:(NSString **)value;
   - (BOOL)scanUpToString:(NSString *)string intoString:(NSString **)value;
   - (NSString *)string;
 // Methods Implementing NSCopying
   - (id)copyWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;

    Part II: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 13. Foundation Classes