NSScriptCommandDescription Mac OS X 10.0

This class represents a scripting command within a Cocoa application, framework, or bundle. The job of this class is to provide information about a class and method, including all argument and return types, that is used to represent a scripting command.


@interface NSScriptCommandDescription : NSObject <NSCoding>
 // Initializers
   - (id)initWithSuiteName:(NSString *)suiteName commandName:(NSString *)commandName
        dictionary:(NSDictionary *)commandDefDict;
 // Instance Methods
   - (unsigned long)appleEventClassCode;
   - (unsigned long)appleEventCode;
   - (unsigned long)appleEventCodeForArgumentWithName:(NSString *)argName;
   - (unsigned long)appleEventCodeForReturnType;
   - (NSArray *)argumentNames;
   - (NSString *)commandClassName;
   - (NSString *)commandName;
   - (NSScriptCommand *)createCommandInstance;
   - (NSScriptCommand *)createCommandInstanceWithZone:(NSZone *)zone;
   - (BOOL)isOptionalArgumentWithName:(NSString *)argName;
   - (NSString *)returnType;
   - (NSString *)suiteName;
   - (NSString *)typeForArgumentWithName:(NSString *)argName;
 // Methods Implementing NSCoding
   - (void)encodeWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aCoder;
   - (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder;

    Part II: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 13. Foundation Classes