NSStatusItem Mac OS X 10.0

This class represents the objects that appear in the system status bar at the right end of the main menu bar in every application. This class provides methods to access and manage the characteristics of a status item, such as its title, icon, length, tool tip, target, action, and more. To prevent cluttering of the status bar, status items should be used sparingly and only when no better alternative exists.


@interface NSStatusItem : NSObject
 // Instance Methods
   - (SEL)action;
   - (NSAttributedString*)attributedTitle;
   - (BOOL)highlightMode;
   - (NSImage*)image;
   - (BOOL)isEnabled;
   - (float)length;
   - (NSMenu*)menu;
   - (void)sendActionOn:(int)mask;
   - (void)setAction:(SEL)action;
   - (void)setAttributedTitle:(NSAttributedString*)title;
   - (void)setEnabled:(BOOL)enabled;
   - (void)setHighlightMode:(BOOL)highlightMode;
   - (void)setImage:(NSImage*)image;
   - (void)setLength:(float)length;
   - (void)setMenu:(NSMenu*)menu;
   - (void)setTarget:(id)target;
   - (void)setTitle:(NSString*)title;
   - (void)setToolTip:(NSString*)toolTip;
   - (void)setView:(NSView*)view;
   - (NSStatusBar*)statusBar;
   - (id)target;
   - (NSString*)title;
   - (NSString*)toolTip;
   - (NSView*)view;

    Part II: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 13. Foundation Classes