A.5 Partnering with Apple

Apple knows that your success is Apple's success. Apple wants developers like you to create successful applications that make customers clamor for Apple computers.

You should tap into some of the programs, products, and services offered by the Apple Developer Connection (ADC). Aimed at both large and small developers, the stated purpose of the ADC is "to help you successfully develop, test, market, and distribute software and hardware products for Apple platforms and technologies."

In addition to publishing the Developer web site at developer.apple.com (which includes the Cocoa Developer Documentation suite), hosting an annual Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), and championing developer needs to Apple's own development engineers, the ADC offers several program packages useful to you and other developers.

You should become a member of one of these programs. At the minimum, sign up for the Online program... it's free! The Online program allows you to download up-to-date development tools, gain access to certain early software releases, and receive weekly technical updates via email.

If you'd rather have this type of information mailed to you, you can pay to become an ADC Mailing customer. You'll then receive the latest in development tools, system software, development kits, and reference materials via a CD or DVD series delivered to you monthly via snail mail.

A low-cost ADC Student Program is targeted at university students around the world. ADC Student developers receive special introductory tools, access to a student community of Mac developers, and other educational opportunities, including the chance to win scholarships to the WWDC.

The priciest ADC programs are called Select and Premier. These programs offer a multitude of plush products and services, including fat discounts on Apple hardware and third-party products and services, as well as access to Apple's technical support engineers.

For information on signing up for any of these programs, go to the following URL:


ADC members also receive discounts on O'Reilly's books and conferences. For more information about the discounts available to ADC members, go to the following URL:


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