NSImageView Mac OS X 10.0

This subclass of NSView is responsible for drawing an image in a frame, and provides functionality that allows users to set the displayed image by dropping an image over the view. Clients may access the NSImage displayed in the image view using the methods setImage: and image. The associated cell for this class is NSImageCell.


@interface NSImageView : NSControl
 // Accessor Methods
   - (void)setImage:(NSImage *)newImage;
   - (NSImage *)image;
   - (void)setImageAlignment:(NSImageAlignment)newAlign;
   - (NSImageAlignment)imageAlignment;
   - (void)setImageFrameStyle:(NSImageFrameStyle)newStyle;
   - (NSImageFrameStyle)imageFrameStyle;
   - (void)setImageScaling:(NSImageScaling)newScaling;
   - (NSImageScaling)imageScaling;
   - (void)setEditable:(BOOL)yn;
 // Instance Methods
   - (BOOL)isEditable;

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    Chapter 13. Foundation Classes