NSTextInput Mac OS X 10.0

This protocol declares the methods that text view classes should implement to interface with Cocoa's input management system. In the Application Kit, NSText and NSTextView implement the methods of this protocol.

@protocol NSTextInput
 // Instance Methods
   - (void)insertText:(id)aString;
   - (void)doCommandBySelector:(SEL)aSelector;
   - (void)setMarkedText:(id)aString selectedRange:(NSRange)selRange;
   - (void)unmarkText;
   - (BOOL)hasMarkedText;
   - (long)conversationIdentifier;
   - (NSAttributedString *)attributedSubstringFromRange:(NSRange)theRange;
   - (NSRange)markedRange;
   - (NSRange)selectedRange;
   - (NSRect)firstRectForCharacterRange:(NSRange)theRange;
   - (unsigned int)characterIndexForPoint:(NSPoint)thePoint;
   - (NSArray*)validAttributesForMarkedText;

    Part II: API Quick Reference
    Chapter 13. Foundation Classes