NSScriptSuiteRegistry Mac OS X 10.0

Instances of this class are used to manage an application's scripting information, and as such it is an integral component in Cocoa's built-in support for scripting. Application scripting information is supplied by script suites. A script suite is made up of a suite definition and script terminologies. Cocoa supports the two standard script suites out of the box: (Core and Text). Script suites define how an application may be controlled by scripting, and at a lower level the information provided by script suite tells the application how to translate Apple Events it receives into script commands and object specifiers. This class is used primarily internally by Cocoa's scripting system, and as such you should never have to interact with it directly.


@interface NSScriptSuiteRegistry : NSObject
 // Class Methods
   + (void)setSharedScriptSuiteRegistry:(NSScriptSuiteRegistry *)registry;
   + (NSScriptSuiteRegistry *)sharedScriptSuiteRegistry;
 // Instance Methods
   - (NSData *)aeteResource:(NSString *)languageName;
   - (unsigned long)appleEventCodeForSuite:(NSString *)suiteName;
   - (NSBundle *)bundleForSuite:(NSString *)suiteName;
   - (NSScriptClassDescription *)classDescriptionWithAppleEventCode:(unsigned long)classCode;
   - (NSDictionary *)classDescriptionsInSuite:(NSString *)suiteName;
   - (NSScriptCommandDescription *)commandDescriptionWithAppleEventClass:(unsigned long)eventClass
        andAppleEventCode:(unsigned long)commandCode;
   - (NSDictionary *)commandDescriptionsInSuite:(NSString *)suiteName;
   - (void)loadSuiteWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dict fromBundle:(NSBundle *)bundle;
   - (void)loadSuitesFromBundle:(NSBundle *)bundle;
   - (void)registerClassDescription:(NSScriptClassDescription *)classDesc;
   - (void)registerCommandDescription:(NSScriptCommandDescription *)commandDef;
   - (NSString *)suiteForAppleEventCode:(unsigned long)code;
   - (NSArray *)suiteNames;

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