Appendix B: Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources

Appendix B: Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources

Thousands of Delphi add-on components and tools are available on the market, ranging from simple freebies to large open-source projects, from shareware programs to highly professional components. This appendix provides a list of notable open-source projects I've mentioned elsewhere in the book.

Delphi Preinstalled Open-Source Components

Delphi 7 includes the source code for two notable open-source projects:

Internet Direct (Indy)  This project is covered in detail in Chapter 19, "Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy." The official website for Indy is, but you should also refer to the Indy Portal at Support is available on Borland's newsgroups.

Open XML  This is a Delphi-based XML DOM and SAX engine, which I covered in Chapter 22 ("Using XML Technologies"). Refer to for updates and more information. Support for Open XML is available on a mailing list you can sign up for on the website.

Delphi also includes a third open-source project: the ZLib compression library, covered in Chapter 4 ("Core Library Classes"). It isn't listed here because it is not Delphi based.

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